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Step 1
You must submit your valid claim to Dignity Group within Twelve (12) months of your death event.

How to claim:

  • Policy must have completed a period of six (6) calendar months and must have six (6) premiums paid, to qualify for a claim. In the event of a claim for assistance:
  • Please call Dignity Group at: Tel 0861 777 100.
  • You can download Claims document fill in and email to or fax to 086 600 0476.

Step 2
The documents you will be required to submit could include:

  1. A fully completed African Unity Life Limited claim form - obtained from Dignity Group.
  2. A certified computerised copy of the official death certificate of the deceased - issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
  3. A certified copy of the deceased’s ID document.
  4. A certified copy of the ID document of the person making the claim.
  5. A fully completed SAPS statement in cases where the death was due to unnatural causes and a certificate of release, if applicable.
  6. A notification of death form (BI 1663) completed by the doctor who certified the death or an affidavit.
  7. A letter from the funeral parlour confirming that the deceased’s remains are with them (must be on a letterhead).
  8. Burial order issued by the Home Affairs.
  9. Other supporting documents (such as proof of marriage or proof of relationship to children) if applicable.
  10. In the case of a stillbirth, you need to give African Unity Life Limited a notification of the stillbirth (BI 1663) or a copy of the antenatal card and a letter from the hospital.
  11. A Stamped Bank Statement of the beneficiary (the person who will receive the payout).
  12. Any other information African Unity Life Limited requires from you.

Step 3
All claims will be processed efficiently and quickly and will be paid out in 48 hours if all the correct documentation is submitted.